Ankle Holsters – Advantages and Disadvantages

Ankle Holster - Photo Credit NRA StoreAnkle holsters, especially ones made in the last several years, have a lot to offer. They are a great way to conceal carry and are used by both civilians and law enforcement.

In previous years, ankle holsters used to be pretty uncomfortable, especially when wearing them for long periods of time. They were typically either too tight or too loose around the ankle, and it was difficult to get that perfect  fit.

In addition, there wasn’t much protective material to go between your lower leg/ankle, and the holster itself. This would cause sweating, chaffing and general discomfort.

However, in recent years, ankle holsters have come a long way. Many manufacturers have made their holsters out of much better and sturdier material, so the gun won’t bounce around as much during physical activity and will cause less friction.

Ankle Holster with Sheepskin PaddingIn addition, many modern ankle holsters now have a very comfortable sheepskin lining, or padding, in between your lower leg and the holster itself. This provides additional support without causing chaffing or sweating.

Ankle holsters are definitely a great way to carry, and we have listed some advantages and disadvantages below.

The key with ankle holsters is, even with the better and more modern holsters now on the market, you still want to keep the gun as small as possible for this type of conceal carry.

A larger gun can cause printing, and even with the technological advances in holsters, a medium or larger firearm can still cause discomfort due to the weight of the gun (and ammo!).

As long as you remember to keep the gun small, usually as either a backup weapon or weapon to grab quickly while you’re on the go, ankle holsters may be the perfect fit for your intended use of the firearm.

Ankle HolsterAdvantages of Ankle Holsters

  • One of the best methods for concealed carry. After a while, you won’t even notice it’s there, and neither will anyone else. People typically don’t check out the ankles too often when mulling whether or not someone might have a weapon.
  • Ankle holsters are perfect for a secondary, or backup, weapon. Especially in law enforcement, you always want to be prepared for as many scenarios as possible, and an ankle holster with a secondary weapon helps achieve that goal.
  • They are lightweight, and modern ones are now comfortable enough to use all day.
  • Ankle holsters are an excellent option while wearing dress clothes, whether you are a civilian, part of a personal protective detail, or non-uniformed law enforcement.

Disadvantages of Ankle Holsters

  • Your weapons choice is limited to smaller weapons, both in size and in caliber.
  • If you choose a poorly-made ankle holster, it can cause much discomfort and has a tendency to slide down the leg.
  • Ankle holsters have a very slow draw, and the ankle is a difficult place to reach or draw from when seconds count. In addition, if it is an emergency such as being robbed or attacked, your assailant will definitely notice you reaching down there and may have time to react before you can get to your weapon.
  • Most modern ankle holsters will work well with some physical activity, but they still may be uncomfortableif there is physical activity throughout the day.
  • Obviously, summer clothes are not an option for this type of holster.

Partial List of Ankle Holster Manufacturers:

Galco Ankle LiteGalco: Galco makes two great ankle holsters—the Ankle Lite and the Ankle Glove. They come in both black and khaki colors. Great for a smaller Glock, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Kel Tec, Kahr. Most Galco ankle holsters include the protective sheepskin.

Fobus Ankle HolsterFobus: They make a nice kydex holster. Good for Ruger’s, J Frames, and Glocks.




Desantis Apache Ankle HolsterDesantis: They have a great ankle holster called the Desantis Apache. Great for small and medium frame autos, Sig’s, Glock’s, and many other firearms.


Uncle Mike’s: A bit on the generic side without all the bells and whistles, but these guys still make a great holster.


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