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Beretta 92fsThe Beretta M9, also known as the Beretta 92fs, is the pistol that won the 1980s contest to supply the American armed forces with a new pistol. The Beretta outperformed every model except the SIG P226 which tied for first. The Beretta won by being a good bit cheaper and featured a manual safety.

The Beretta M9 also populated the holsters of police officers across the country as one of the most popular wonder 9s. The weapon quickly became famous after being used extensively in Die Hard and to a lesser extent the movie Cuffs.

The M9 or 92F has made its mark on the American arms market and is still quite popular with both civilian shooters and law enforcement. The military has fielded the weapon now for twenty years give or take and has remain generally satisfied with its performance.

The weapon has served extensively in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and a common complaint is the ball ammo the weapon has to utilize under current military doctrine.

The M9 is a double action / single action design. The initial double action pull is somewhat long, but it not heavy or resistant. The single action is very crisp and lightweight. The Beretta M9 is a 9mm with a fifteen round magazine, but 17 and 20 rounders are also available. The Beretta 96 is a 40 S&W variant of the weapon and has been adopted for police use, but not military.

The Beretta 92fs has an exposed barrel which is quite unique and gives it it’s trademark look. The exposed barrel is said to reduce weight, and allow the barrel to cool faster after a long string of fire. The Beretta 92 has a very wide grip for a 9mm and this may be a turn off for this with small hands.

The standard M9/92F was placed through a wide variety of military trials and tested under stress for conditions to include extreme temperatures both cold and hot, and through tests such as snow and sand exposure. The M9 is a very reliable weapon and very capable in combat conditions.

The Beretta 92F is an all metal frame and is quite heavy. This does aid in recoil management, but makes the weapon more difficult to carry concealed. From a combat standpoint the weight is a relatively good thing. The reduced recoil due to the weight aids in rapid target acquisition and a shooting is able to place more accurate shots on target quicker.

The M9 is also exceptionally accurate the full sized frame and long barrel give the weapon a nice sight radius. The three combat sights are standard and work well in most environments. The dots stand out nicely and their large size make them easy to acquire and focus on.

Shooting the 92fs is fairly easy. The slight recoil and double action / single action nature of the weapon make it fairly easy for anyone to shoot. The large sights are a great aid to accuracy, though the large grips will not agree with every shooter. The M9 is an excellent home defense weapon, as well as an excellent duty weapon, there is no doubt this weapon was made for years of solid service.

With the Beretta M9 being the standard issue side arm in the military the amount of accessories on the market are staggering they include crimson trace laser grips, night sights, multiple kinds of magazines, and of course holsters. Holsters of every style and brand are made for the M9, and most soldier and Marines quickly discard the M12 holster for something a bit more modern.

Best Gun Holsters for the Beretta 92

Blackhawk Serpa Holster Beretta 92

Blackhawk Serpa Holster Beretta 92

Blackhawk SERPA Holster Beretta 92fs
The M12 holster was made a long time ago and shows it’s age. In this day and age of modern polymer holster, the Blackhawk SERPA is king. The SERPA is the standard issue holster in the Marine Corps, with the leg rig and chest rig being the most popular. This Beretta 92 Serpa Holster is a natural fit in this combat oriented holster.

The SERPA for the Beretta 92 has greeted a new generation of Marines and they’ve met it with great praise. The security and simplicity of the holster are its key to success. The active retention system does away with the need for a flap style holster.

To release the pistol one simply has to press a button where their trigger finger naturally rests on the pistol. The Beretta 92 Blackhawk Serpa’s polymer usage has made the holster not only lighter but tougher than nylon and leather.

Safariland 568 Holster Beretta 92

Safariland 568 Holster Beretta 92

SafariLand 568 Holster Beretta 92

The Safariland 568 Beretta 92 is Safariland’s take and a modern paddle holster infused with some good old fashioned suede to protect the finish. Safariland has been producing holsters for decades and has never been afraid to try the unconventional. The 568 is an injection modeled design offers different levels of cant as well. The Holster is IDPA approved and is actually quite easy to conceal even with large weapons.

SafariLand 568 does not have an active retention system but relies on two adjustable passive retention screws. The system is adjustable to the user’s needs for example the tension may be decreased for IDPA and increased for concealed carry. The options and customization is completely up to the user.

Galco Combat Master Holster Beretta 92

Galco Combat Master Holster Beretta 92

Galco Combat Master

The Galco Combat Master for the Beretta 92fs is an excellent holster made from the traditional All American leather.

The combat master for the 92fs is made from years of design input from police officers, firearms instructors and holster makers to release a holster built around gunfighting. The Combat Master is an open top design with no active retention devices.

The forward cant aid in concealment of larger pistols and effectively disburses the weight. The Combat Master’s all leather design is extremely tough and very durable and designed for heavy use. The holster is molded to the design of each weapon and aids in retention of the weapon.

The Beretta M9 or the 92F is an amazing pistol that is a proven design. The Beretta M9 has been serving with our military in two wars and countless smaller engagements.

Daily, men and women who wear blue carry the weapon in the line of duty, and the everyday gun enthusiast has his own love for the weapon.

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