Best Concealed Carry Holsters for the Beretta 92

Beretta 92 Gun Holsters

Beretta 92 Gun Holsters

The Beretta 92 is one of the first and most prolific ‘wonder’ nines out there. The Beretta 92 was and still is popular with police forces across the country. The Beretta 92 was adopted by the United States Military and has been in service for decades now.

The Beretta 92’s military service as the M9 and its service as a police side arm have created a huge market for holsters and accessories. The weapon has remained popular with the civilian market as well, and for those looking for a full sized firearm for concealed carry have tons of options out there for a holster.

Bianchi Black Widow

Bianchi Black Widow Beretta 92

Bianchi Black Widow Beretta 92

The Bianchi Widow is a bulk free holster made for full sized firearms. The holster’s

lack of bulk makes it easier to carry a full sized firearm concealed. The Black Widow has no bottom so a portion of the barrel sticks below the holster.

The holster is essentially a thick leather strap with a thumb snap for retention. The holsters are molded for each firearm to maximize space and retention. The holster has two belt loops to accommodate a belt up 1 ¾ in size. These two loops keep the holster tight to the body to maximize concealment.


Galco Cop 3 Slot Beretta 92

Galco Cop 3 Slot Beretta 92

Galco Cop 3 Slot

The Galco Cop 3 Slot is an outside the waist band holster designed for strong side or cross draw carry. The holster is precision molded for each weapon it is available in. The holster has a tension screw adjustment right beside the trigger guard and allows the individual to tailor the retention to a comfortable level.

The three slot design features an additional belt slot to adjust the cant of the weapon. The holster has a front low cut design that makes clearing leather just a little bit quicker. The Galco Cop 3 slot is a wonderful duty holster.


Bulldog Deluxe Pro Shoulder system

The Bulldog deluxe shoulder system is made in different sizes to accommodate different guns. The Beretta 92 fits the large automatic size and the Bulldog carries its heft very well. The Bulldog deluxe Pro features a holster on one side and two magazine pouches on the offhand side, which helps balance the holster on the shoulders.

The Bulldog features heavily padded shoulder pieces to maximize comfort for the wearer. This padded shoulder pieces really shine when carrying a full sized, full metal frame handgun. The Bulldog Deluxe Pro is an excellent shoulder holster at an excellent price.


Don Hume H715-M Beretta 92

Don Hume H715-M Beretta 92

Don Hume H715-M

The Don Hume H715 is a precision molded leather holster designed for inside the waistband carry. The Don Hume can be worn strong side or worn appendix carry, which is often the easiest way to conceal a full sized handgun.

The Don Hume H715 has a reinforced open top which makes holstering much easier to do with a single hand. The single clip is wide and strong, making it unnecessary to wear a belt. The Don Hume supports the mighty Beretta without a single hiccup.


Blackhawk Inside the Waistband SZ3

Blackhawk Inside Pants Holster Beretta 92

Blackhawk Inside Pants Holster Beretta 92

This Blackhawk is somewhat unimaginative when compared to the leather holsters it’s being paired with. The Blackhawk is plain, black, and it’s simply effective. The Blackhawk inside the waistband holster is efficient, affordable and comfortable.

The Blackhawk is made from a tough nylon that fully supports and carries the weapon. The Beretta 92 fits nice and tight, and drawing is easy due to its passive retention system. The weapon is held nice and high, and easily concealed under a shirt. The Blackhawk Inside the Waistband holster is wonderfully efficient and affordable.


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