Best Gun Holsters for the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

The bodyguard line has been an extremely popular line of revolvers by Smith and Wesson that quickly became a favorite for concealed carriers. The Bodyguard .380 is the first semi-automatic in the line bearing the Bodyguard logo.

The Bodyguard .380 is a tiny pocket .380 equipped with a forward laser, but there is a laser free model recently released.

The Bodyguard .380 pocket pistol is easy to conceal for anyone, and due to its popularity, the holsters available for it are vast. If you carry concealed, there is probably a holster out there for you.

Flash Bang Prohibition Series Bugsy Blue

Flashbang Bugsy Holster Blue S&W 380

Flashbang Bugsy Holster Blue S&W 380

The Flash Bang prohibition series has gained a lot of attention recently for a number of reasons. First off, the holsters are often quite attractive and provide a unique look to an otherwise boring holster market.

Secondly, they have been proven to be more than looks and have shown to be comfortable, durable, and practical. The Bugsy is a blue leather pocket holster designed for the Bodyguard with a laser.

Once this holster is seated in the pocket, it is quite difficult to remove. This is a good thing, in that when someone needs to draw their weapon the holster stays put. The Bugsy Blue is an excellent choice for a pocket carry holster.

Desantis Pocket Shot S&W Bodyguard

Desantis Pocket Shot S&W Bodyguard

Desantis Pocket Shot

The Desantis Pocket shot is another holster that stands out from the crowd. The Pocket shot disguises itself as wallet and fits in the back or side pocket without any extra bulk. The Pocket shot is leather with the slide of the weapon completely exposed.

Now, what makes the pocket different is the fact you can fire it while it’s in the holster. The S&W Bodyguard pocket shot has three holes in it, one for the trigger, one for a support finger, and one for activating the laser. The Pocket shot gives the user a definite advantage if a mugger says give me your wallet.


Blade Tech IWB KLIPT

Blade Tech Klipt S&W Bodyguard

Blade Tech Klipt S&W Bodyguard

Blade tech makes some of the best kydex concealment holsters on the market, and often for an excellent price. The Klipt is an appendix style inside the waistband holster for the S&W bodyguard .380.

Appendix holsters are often the most comfortable IWB holsters and allow a lot of free movement without exposing the weapon. The low profile of this Blade Tech Holster makes it both easy to draw and easy to conceal. The hard polymer material also makes re holstering much easier. The Blade Tech brand is one many people respect and a lot of people carry.


Desantis Cozy Partner S&W Bodyguard

Desantis Cozy Partner S&W Bodyguard

Desantis Cozy Partner

The Cozy Partner series by Desantis is designed for small handguns and inside the waist band carry. The Cozy Partners are precision molded for your handgun which aid in comfort, retention, and overall appearance.

A memory band is included to make re holstering easy. To maximize the holster’s retention, there is a tension device located near the trigger guard. The holster does not have an active retention device though.

The Cozy Partner is not needlessly bulky, since carrying the Bodyguard is not a heavy duty task. The Cozy partner stays comfortable throughout the day and cradles the little gun quite well.



Flashbang Bra Holster Bodyguard .380

Flashbang Bra Holster Bodyguard .380

Flashbang Holster for Women

The Bodyguard is a delight to carry, and its shape and smooth angles make it easy to carry for damn near anyone. The Flashbang holster is a woman’s holster designed by women, with a little tongue in cheek regarding its name.

The Flashbang is the first holster designed to be worn on the bra. The holster is a kydex and leather combination design to help women successfully dress around their weapon. You can see what they did with the name right?

I lack the ability to test the Flash bang, but reportedly the holster is quite comfortable, and allows carry of most small automatics and revolvers. Drawing from the holster is easy, but would definitely require some practice.


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