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Studies show that women are the largest growing demographic of people applying and being granted concealed carry permits, not at the same level of men, but consistently the number has been steadily growing. In years past, women have had trouble carrying because holsters, until recently, were designed primarily by men for men, with hardly any unisex options and rarely any female specific options.

Fortunately a little brand called Flashbang has arrived and most people of the gun have heard of them through their interesting bra holster, but most do not know Flashbang also produces a variety of awesome holsters for more traditional carry.

There are also a few options out there for women away from Flashpoint that fall into more unisex options. These options may simply not be known or considered, but do make awesome options for women, and are capable of conforming to both their body types and styles.

Flashbang Ava Holster

Flashbang Ava Holster

Flash Bang’s Ava and Capone

Part of Flashbang’s ‘Pin up’ line the Ava is more than a pretty face and the Capone lacks the trademark scar the original boss had. Certainly the design is quite nice, the stitching is done very well, the leather material is soft and smooth, and the kydex is custom molded for each gun.

The Ava and Capone are cross breed inside the waist band style holster designed with women in mind. The back piece of these Flashbang holsters is cut as low as possible along the frame of this weapon.

This prevents extra material that is unnecessary from sticking out of clothes, hanging up, or simply prevents chafe. The leather is exceptionally soft and very comfortable. Due to the low back end the holster can be appendix style, which has been a popular style for women which is a popular and comfortable method of carry for both men and women.

The actual kydex holster is molded for each weapon the Ava is available in, and the Ava and Capone are available in a wide variety of different guns. The holsters are structurally the same, with different options regarding color being the prime difference.

The Ava has purple suede on the back and the Capone has black suede. The Capone also has the option for red or blue stitching.

Flashbang Betty Holster

Flashbang Betty Holster

Flashbang’s Betty

Another member of the pin up line, the Betty is not a cross breed holster and is a more traditional style inside the waistband holster. This minimalist style allows the weapon to be appendix carry quite easily with little to no additional effort to conceal the weapon.

The clip is broad and very strong, and allows the use of a single clip without the worry of the weapon moving or twisting. The holster is also tuckable, meaning the clip design allows you to tuck in your shirt while wearing the holster.

The holster is designed for small pocket pistols and sub compacts and is very light, and can be worn without a belt. The clip is also adjustable allowing for customization in placement and providing a bit of cant. The Betty holster can be worn strong side, cross draw, appendix, or small of back carry.

Betty Holsters, unlike large bulky holsters for men, fits comfortably on a woman’s waistline without being visible.

“The Betty” is adjustable and can be worn anywhere on the waistline at the perfect angle for quick draw. At just under $50, this holster is a comfortable and affordable choice for females that wish to carry concealed.

Drawbacks of Inside the Waistband Holsters
The drawback of IWB is that you will need to make sure you wear a shirt long enough so that it conceals the firearm properly.

Womans Ankle HolsterAnkle Carry
Another popular method of concealed carry for women is called the Ankle Carry.

The Ankle Carry holster holds the firearm in a holster that wraps around your lower leg. Because of the inconspicuous location, carrying on the lower leg allows for more fashionable attire.

Ankle holsters are ideal when wearing long dresses or skirts.Wearing with pants is fine too, but you will need to wear jeans or slacks that are boot cut and slightly longer in length than you would normally wear.

Drawbacks of Ankle Carry
From a security standpoint, it may take a bit longer to get to your firearm than it would if it were holstered along your waist.

If you are confronted by someone meaning to do you harm, especially in a stressful situation such as being robbed or worse, you may not have enough time to react (ie reaching down, possibly pulling up your pant leg or skirt, to access the firearm).

Obviously, it is not advised to cross your legs when sitting down and you must be crouched or seated for access. Carrying a concealed firearm on your ankle is ideal for an occupation that requires sitting down at a desk.Purse Holsters

Conceal Carry Purses

Even though concealed carry holsters are the preferred option, sometimes there are no other options than to carry your gun in what is called a concealed carry purse.

So you’re probably wondering, what’s the difference between a regular purse and a concealed carry purse? Well, there are many important differences between the two.

Specialized bags for concealing firearms have safety and security features that everyday purses do not have. Concealed carry purses often have twin locking zippers that allow for right or left hand access.

Inside the purse, there is a removable and adjustable holster with quick release straps for safe and accurate drawing. This option is ideal when you are going to be outdoors or you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

Conceal carry purses are really a great option that just became available over the last few years as it became much more popular for women to carry concealed.  They allow fast access because the purse is right on your shoulder, and do a marvelous job of concealing the handgun.

You can have your firearm already strapped into the convenient holster located inside the purse so that you can be prepared at all times.

Galco Miami Classic

The shoulder holster is probably the most unisex holster out there. A proper shoulder holster can be adjusted and molded to fit darn near anyone. The Miami Classic is what has set the standard for shoulder holsters in terms of comfort, accessibility, quality, and carry options. Designed originally as the Jackass by the famed Jackass leather company, the Galco Miami Classic earned it’s name from it’s use in the popular cop drama, Miami Vice.

Shoulder holsters have filled a specific niche with plain clothes police, especially woman. Most women’s professional attire is designed for a far thinner and lighter belt than a man’s, and this make finding a strong belt for waist carry difficult. The Miami Classic is perfect when tucked under a jacket and conceals quite well.

The wide leather straps spread the weight around the entire body and the holster is completely adjustable and available in a variety of different configurations, include extra ammunition pouches or even a hand cuff holster.

Womens Holster Shirt

Womens Holster Shirt

5.11 Tactical Women’s Concealment Shirt

Concealment shirts have made a big splash on the concealed carry industry, and a number of companies are now producing them. The 5.11 brand is one of the few that creates a separate shirt for women and acknowledges their often different body type.

The 5.11 concealment shirt offers two pockets from left or right handed carry, with the second pocket being capable of holding an additional magazine or two.

The 5.11 holster shirt is also lightweight where applicable, meaning the holster portion is reinforced and the rest isn’t. This helps keep the wearer comfortable on the hotter months. The sleeveless design will be kosher with any t shirt, or high button blouse, and is more comfortable in general.

The 5.11 tactical concealment shirt is best suited for small sub compact and compact weapons and someone trying to carry a full size 1911 might be a bit uncomfortable.

These four examples are only some of the holsters out there for women. The choice and selection hasn’t caught up with a man’s selection but like the female conceal carry movement it is growing. Holster designers and manufacturers should take note women with firearms are on the rise

Bra Holsters
Another possibility of concealed firearm carry for womenis a bra holster. The gun is held in place with a leather strap in the middle of the bra.

Even though this method of concealed carry sounds the most comfortable, it may not be the best option for you. Generally; the bra holster is most comfortable and effective for larger breasts.

Any size under a C-cup may have problems getting the gun to rest securely. Another downfall is that this holster does not fit with every bra, so you may have to purchase new bras to house your firearm.

Nonetheless, many women, with the right body type, prefer this method of concealing their firearm.

No Matter What the Option, Protect Yourself!
These are just a few methods that are available for women to carry a concealed firearm. Because there are many different options, you can have protection no matter what you choose to wear.

The good thing is that you do not have to commit to one method carrying a concealed firearm.

There are many options that will accommodate your budget, your fashion sense, and your activity level for the day. No matter what the best choice is for you, the important factor is that you are protected.

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