Building a Good Duty Belt

Nylon Duty BeltOften times, people forget the importance of a good belt. Without belts, first off, we’d all be wearing suspenders still. Belts are universal through all cultures and both genders.

So why do so many of us forget the belt aspect when choosing a CCW, of why do so many soldiers forget the battle belt idea, and for the new cop or security officer, where do they go to build a duty belt?

Luckily, because of duty belts, we live in a day and age where there are more options than ever for the police officer, security guard, solider, and citizen to carry a weapon and gear comfortably. With two wars, the rise in concealed carry, and the demand for more comfortable police gear the options for belts have exploded.

So how does one build a good belt for battle, concealed carry or police work? By examining their options and going with the very best.

Police Duty Belt

Police are one section of the gun community that has not forgotten about the value of a gear belt and how useful they can be. Many police are issued their first gear belt or buy one right out of the academy and either love it or put up with it, never really looking around for something new and more comfortable.

The BlackHawk Duty Belt is such an example. Made from heavy duty nylon instead of leather this gun belt is more resistant to the weather, especially moisture. The belt is just as thick as leather, but also allows the belt

Blackhawk Duty Belt

Blackhawk Duty Belt

line to breathe. The Duty belts are full adjustable for a multitude of sizes and close with a simple, but rugged clasp. The edges of the belt are also fully padded, which give the user a much more comfortable fit.

The Belt is designed to accustom most holsters for handguns, tasers, batons, and spare magazine holders, but Blackhawk also has a full line of police gear including the already mentioned as well as handcuff pouches, and their own BlackHawk Serpa holsters are compatible.

The BlackHawk duty belt is also compatible with their harness system. The harness can worn under the uniform with minor modifications to the shirt. The harness can also be worn outside the uniform and over both soft body armor and more tactical plate carriers with hard body armor. This is a major advantage for police with back and hip pain, which is all too common after years of wearing a heavy laden duty belt. This H harness is completely optional and can be attached and detached at will.

The Blackhawk duty belt represents an excellent value as well, being priced well under 100 dollars and the additional suspenders still keep it well under that price. The belt is just as capable of any others, but presents more options than most.

Battle Belt War Belt

Battle Belt War Belt

The WarBelt

A long time ago the military used the same method as police and carried nearly everything on the belt. The Warbelt was used in World Wars, Korea and Vietnam, with appearances in Desert storm and a dozen other skirmishes.

The Warbelt was largely replaced when the MOLLE system became popular soldiers and Marines found it easier to attach fighting gear to their vests and the Warbelt faded away.

The fact is this ancient technology has been slowly finding its way back to the battlefield. In Afghanistan the war belt has made a home with grenadiers desiring extra storage for as much 40mm as they can carry.

The belt is popular since the user can easily remove it and access their IFAK with either hand in case one is hurt. The same goes for carrying a sidearm, leg rigs often find themselves sub merged in the Helmand canals. Another option is a must for our war fighters.

Many of these fighting men and women find themselves improvising belts from their Fighting load carrier or load bearing vest’s bottom piece. This is often usable, but rather unstable and uncomfortable a purpose designed product is critical for both comfort and efficiency.

5.11 Duty Belt

5.11 Duty Belt

5.11 tactical has some of the most widely used and popular gear and they often have a solution for everything. The 5.11 VTAC BROKOS belt is designed for war and is battle ready. The belt is heavily padded for comfort, but stiff to guarantee stability.

The belt is a light weight, padded, and oversize shell around a hard nylon rigger’s belt. This padded shell is complete with MOLLE loops for near everything one could need. The mesh like lining and heavy padding around the edges keeps things from chafing. The VTAC BROKOS is heavy duty and plenty capable of fighting a war.

Blackhawk CCW Belt

Blackhawk CCW Belt

Duty Belts Supporting Concealed Carry

A good stiff, and strong belt is a much for concealed carry for both the everyday Joe and a plain clothes police officer. Carrying anything more than a pocket pistol is going to require support and a good belt is support enough for most guns outside of the heavy magnum caliber revolvers.

The BlackHawk CQC pistol belt is an excellent example of a good solid pistol belt. The traditional design with the appearance of leather allows it to be worn nearly everywhere and the reinforced design is incredibly supportive.

Blackhawk uses a polymer reinforced spine and a flexible pvc core for added support and comfort. The buckles and hardware are metal and plenty fashionable.

The BlackHawk pistol belt is comfortable and precise in fit. The BlackHawk permits the carry of not only a gun, but handcuffs, magazine pouches and is heavy enough to support a full sized radio as well. The Blackhawk CQC pistol belt is not a duty belt and shouldn’t be treated as such, but for a light police load, or a civilian’s concealed carry weapon plus some extra ammo it’s perfect.

So this is a look at some of the best belts for carrying whatever load out you may have. With the popularity of plate carriers and Load bearing vests many forget about the belt and forget how comfortable and easy to wear one is.

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