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Building a Good Duty Belt

Nylon Duty BeltOften times, people forget the importance of a good belt. Without belts, first off, we’d all be wearing suspenders still. Belts are universal through all cultures and both genders.

So why do so many of us forget the belt aspect when choosing a CCW, of why do so many soldiers forget the battle belt idea, and for the new cop or security officer, where do they go to build a duty belt?

Luckily, because of duty belts, we live in a day and age where there are more options than ever for the police officer, security guard, solider, and citizen to carry a weapon and gear comfortably. With two wars, the rise in concealed carry, and the demand for more comfortable police gear the options for belts have exploded.

So how does one build a good belt for battle, concealed carry or police work? By examining their options and going with the very best.

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