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Desantis Logo

Overview of Desantis Gunhide
DeSantis Gunhide, as the name implies, is known as one of the world’s finest leather holster manufacturers.

Most Desantis products are made from the finest saddle leather available and still stitched using 19th century saddle stitching machines to produce a holster par excellence, hand crafted and beautiful to look at.

So why would a company best known for making leather goods delve into nylon construction – an area that’s dominated by all sorts of cheap and foreign-made knockoffs? Because sometimes synthetic materials make sense for certain products.

DeSantis is known for being masters of concealment holster design, and their original claim to fame is concealment. They now offer many duty type holster solutions, but their hearts are still into hiding firearms on one’s person via leather or nylon holsters.

Integrating their legendary craftsmanship and stitching into a nylon product that can be concealed was the next logical step for DeSantis.

Desantis Super Fly Pocket HolsterDesantis Pocket Holsters “ The Superfly
The first innovative product that takes concealment to the next level is the pocket Super Fly holster.

You would think that carrying a gun in your pocket would be fine without a holster, but it is really not.

Carry a gun in your pocket without a holster is not safe, not to mention it will be easy for people to know you’re carrying a gun in your pocket due to printing.

For those of us who want to be safe and discreet, you need a pocket holster. The theory behind a pocket holster is twofold “ firstly, it breaks up the outline of the pistol to make it look, well, not like a pistol.

This is accomplished by a padded foam case that completely changes the design of the print that shows through, making it look like you have a wallet, change purse, or cell phone in your pocket rather than a gun.

Secondly, it keeps the weapon secure so you can draw it quickly without having to fish around for it in your pocket.

The Super Fly takes this to the next level by having it’s outer surface be extremely sticky rubberized nylon, which makes it cling to the inside of your pocket aggressively.

Pull the pistol out, and the holster stays within. It’s an amazing little holster for those little revolvers or pocket autos.

Desantis Nemesis Pocket HolsterDesantis Nemesis Pocket Holster
The Desantis Nemesis is another great choice for a nylon pocket holster.

This pocket holster positively will not change positions while in your pocket.

It features a draw with no friction whatsoever, and the foam is made just right so as not to cause printing (people being able to see the outline of the gun in your pocket).

The Nemesis is available for many of the smaller caliber guns, whether it be a Glock, Beretta, Ruger, Sig Sauer, or Smith and Wesson. In our humble opinion, is one of the best pocket holsters on the market.

Desantis Bodyguard HolsterThe Desantis Bodyguard
DeSantis didn’t stop there with the nylon holsters “ they created a holster (if you can call it that) made entirely of ballistic nylon and called The Bodyguard.

At first glance, it resembles a kind of shoulder holster “ except it can fit weapons under both arms. This amazing holster is for those situations where you might need to use a fast reload “ a New York reload, to be exact.

Carrying extra magazines is all fine and good, but having another weapon to draw when you’re dry on your primary is far better.

With The Bodyguard, you can easily carry two mid sized automatics, along with one spare magazine each, or any combination of pistols and gear you choose.

The Bodyguard is an amazingly versatile and unique holster that’s just what the doctor ordered for those situations where diplomacy alone won’t cut it.

Desantis Pro Stealth HolsterDesantis Pro Stealth
If you’re looking for an inside the waistband (IWB) gun holster that’s totally concealable and has room for an extra magazine, the ballistic nylon Pro Stealth fits the bill.

IWB holsters are the best holster type for concealment where a jacket or overcoat can’t be worn. They sit between your belt and your skin, and you can tuck a shirt in over them if you so desire.

The Pro Stealth has a leg up on most other holsters of this size because it has a spare magazine pouch, giving you an option to reload if you need to.

The extra mag pouch does the secondary job of helping break up the outline of the IWB holster so that no one knows you’re carrying on the waist.

Desantis Sof Tuck HolsterDesantis Sof-Tuck
While this article is primarily on Desantis nylon gun holsters, we couldn’t mention Desantis IWB holsters without at least mentioning the Sof Tuck. It is that cool.

Taking the IWB theme a little further and going back to what DeSantis is better known for, the Sof-Tuck holster is a tiny IWB holster that’s made of grippy suede and saddle leather.

What’s amazing about the little Sof-Tuck is that it can be mounted in any variety of locations “ strong side, cross draw, or small of back.

Instead of a fixed clip, the clip can be adjusted to change the cant of the holster, making any drawing position possible.

While DeSantis is primarily a leather goods company who’s core competency is concealment holsters, they make great holsters out of many materials, so don’t forget their nylon holster line when taking a look for the perfect holster.

With their nylon line of holsters, and the great craftsmanship that went into them you can holster your weapon easily and securely, and carry with confidence.


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