Different Types of Gun Holsters

Safariland Tactical HolsterGun holsters were invented for the simple purpose of being able to carry your gun, yet still have easy access to it.

Since its first inception in the 1800s, the holster has continued to gain popularity.

If you are planning on getting your carrying permit so you can have your firearm on you at all times, you will definitely want to consider getting a gun holster.

This is the best way to safely carry a loaded weapon on your person while reducing the risk of having the firearm discharge injuring yourself or others. Also, consider these frequently asked questions about gun holsters.

Galco Gun HolsterWhat types of gun holsters are there?

Basically there are three main categories of gun holsters with approximately ten different types of holsters.

The four main categories are based on the method in which the holster will be used. These are:

  • Tactical and Duty “ Tactical and duty gun holsters are used mainly by law enforcement or members of the military.
  • Concealed CarryConcealment “ Concealment holsters are commonly used by civilians but may also be used by undercover agents.
  • Sport “ As the name implies, sport holsters are intended for use by those using guns for sporting purposes.

What is the most common holster to buy?

Generally, the most common gun holsters used by civilians would be the concealment or the sport holsters. Concealment gun holsters are meant to keep the gun concealed and should not cause printing.

In other words, this type of holster should prevent the gun from being able to be seen by others through clothing. This type of holster should be lightweight and comfortable to wear.

There are different types of concealment holsters and different places in which you can wear this type of gun holster. Sport holsters vary depending on whether you want quick access or just need something to make carrying your gun to the range easier.

IWB HolsterWhat is IWB and OWB?

IWB stands for Inside the Waist Band and refers to the type of gun holsters you wear inside the waistband of your pants. Obviously then, OWB stands for Outside the Waist Band.

Either type is often worn by a clip on or looping to a belt. IWB offers the easiest way to conceal a weapon of the two styles.

What is another common type of gun holster?

The shoulder holster is also very common for professional and personal use. Again, this type of gun holster can be concealed or not. It is popular because it distributes the weight evenly and is often considered more comfortable. The IWB, OWB and shoulder holster are probably the most common for civilian use.

The other types of holsters include thigh holsters, pocket holsters, ankle holsters, belly band holsters, chest, groin and small of the back holsters.

What should I look for in a gun holster?

  • The first thing is to decide what type you want and where you want to wear it. Aside from that, you should watch for a holster that covers the trigger guard most importantly.
  • Next, be sure you can remove and replace the gun from the holster easily, with one hand.
  • Comfort is also a major factor, especially if you intend to wear your holster for long periods of time or on a regular basis.
  • Also make sure you can wear your holster and have it protect your gun from the elements.

The important thing to watch for when wearing your holster is that your gun is accessible but does not fall out accidentally.

It may take some time to break it in a bit, but you should feel comfortable and also be able to remove and replace your gun with one hand with ease.

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