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Concealed Carry PicCONCEALED CARRY IS ANECESSITY for many law enforcement professionals who aren’t uniformed and it’s quickly becoming a way of life for many Americans since so many states now issue concealment licenses.

Concealed carry presents its own unique set of challenges for the carrier “ the weapon must be accessible, secure, and for all intents and purposes, invisible.

These criteria represent a conundrum for holster manufacturers who need to pack in the most features in the smallest, most discreet package, offer some level of reliable retention, and yet remain affordable.

Girl Carrying ConcealedThere’s Concealed, and Then There’s Concealed

Concealment is a broad term that basically says a firearm can’t be seen, but it means different things to different people, because each shooter has different requirements.

Take a detective or personal security professional. They want a holster that carries a mid to full size weapon, usually carried outside the waistband.

Their requirements for concealment are the minimum level of concealment since the weapon is almost covered with a suit jacket and there’s one big factor everyone knows these types of people are carrying weapons even if they can’t be seen.

A little bulge on the hip or under the shoulder is acceptable since a detective often looks like one, and so does a bodyguard, and these people carry.

Girl Carrying ConcealedOn the other hand, the concealed carry that citizens employ must necessarily rely on more concealment than a regular outside the belt holster can provide.

The last thing a concealed carry citizen wants is to be harassed by law enforcement for printing a handgun or by having a large, weighted bulge on one side.

These people are often carrying compact automatics or small frame revolvers, and often carry using inside the waistband (IWB) holsters which prevent printing and even permit carrying without a jacket.

Woman Carrying ConcealedWhat Should I Look for in a Concealed Carry Holster?

There are several characteristics you should look for in the holster you choose to carry your gun concealed. Among the different factors you should look at are:

  • The holster should require nominal wardrobe changes
  • If possible, the holster should be tuckable
  • All facets of the holster should not be visible
  • Allowing for a larger, heavy handgun while also keeping it concealed is a big plus
  • The holster should hold the gun firmly in position
  • The holster should be comfortable against your body
  • The holster should be durable and you should not have to worry about deterioration
  • The holster should be lightweight (the loaded gun is heavy enough!), and distribute the weight evenly amongst the body

Don Hume LogoWhere Don Hume Comes In

Don Hume Leather Goods is the preeminent manufacturer of good old fashioned leather holsters of all shapes and sizes (and some nylon ones too), and offers a dizzying array of concealment holsters for all purposes.

From a handy yet elegant ankle rig like the Ankle Safe, which puts a small frame pistol where it’s often not thought to be, to something like the DAH which is capable of concealing a small pistol in the small of the back, Don Hume makes some quality products.

Don Hume OWB HolsterDon Hume Outside the Waistband Holsters

For the law enforcement officer, personal security professional or federal agent, Don Hume offers a complete line of outside the waistband concealment holsters which are both open bottom and without retention.

Concealment augments retention and there are trade offs in everything, but generally speaking you don’t need to be as concerned about your handgun being taken from you if no one knows you have it on your person to begin with.

Don Hume Pocket HolsterDon Hume Pocket Holsters

The recent slew of compact automatics and air weight revolvers have pushed manufacturers to design new and clever products such as Don Hume’s 001 and 002, which are inside the pocket holsters.

You might be wondering what the purpose of having an in the pocket holster might be, considering that your pocket is kind of like a holster to begin with.

The problem with pocket carry is printing “ if you want to find out for yourself how bad it is, slip your favorite (unloaded) handgun in your pocket and stand in front of a mirror “ it will be obvious.

An inside the pocket holster reduces printing, stabilizes the gun so it doesn’t roll around, and keeps it lint and dirt free.

Don Hume IWB HolsterDon Hume IWB Holsters

Don Hume makes a line of IWB holsters as well, like the 715M series which are sleek and designed to not bulge out the waistband noticeably.

IWB is a great way to conceal a small pistol while not wearing a jacket or overcoat, and it’s also a super secure location as far as retention issues go.

Cheap IWB holsters will chafe your skin and be uncomfortable while Hume’s IWB holsters are buttery soft leather and some models even have a protective shield so the gun never touches your skin.

In the realm of concealment, one shouldn’t forget the good old fashioned shoulder holster, which was the original concealment rig before everyone got creative.

If you’re committed to wearing a jacket, a shoulder holster is a great rig that can be almost invisible and very comfortable as well.

It also has the benefit of being easy to draw from while driving “ or practically any other situation.

Don Hume’s products are of the finest hand tooled leather available, and they have been making holsters for nearly 40 years.

If you’re looking for the very best holster in an attractive and durable material like leather, look no further than Don Hume Leather Goods.


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