Gun Accessories: Holsters, Pouches, Cases Etc.

Gun Holster CartoonAnyone who gets serious about owning guns realizes the next step is getting accessories for them.

Even if you only own a single gun, you may find one or more of these accessories actually could be more of a necessity. The important part is becoming familiar with the options that are available and finding what may work for you.

Some of your needs depend on whether you need a proper way to store or carry your gun. Keep in mind in order to legally carry your gun you will need to abide by the laws and guidelines of your state.

It is always better to be aware of your state laws when it comes to firearms in order to avoid legal issues. From there you can make the best choices when it comes to accessories for your gun.

Woman Drawing Gun from HolsterHolsters

Gun holsters are an appropriate way to carry a concealed weapon for those who use this as part of their profession or have a permit to carry. Many people also use a holster to carry their gun for sport or recreational purposes and still be able to keep their hands relatively free.

The first thing to realize is that there are several different types of gun holsters depending on where you would like to carry your firearm and what is most comfortable for you.

Generally aside from safety, you are looking for comfort as well as ease of access to your gun when deciding on a gun holster. The most common types of gun holsters include:

  • Conceal Carry HolsterIWB and OWB – These two holsters are Inside the Waistband or Outside the Waistband and generally clip on or attach through a loop. Unless you are using the type that can be covered by an untucked shirt, these holster options often leave the gun exposed or visible.
  • Shoulder holster – These usually fit the way a backpack would and can be concealed by a jacket or left visible. One reason these are often more popular is many people of different sizes find the even weight distribution more comfortable.
  • Pocket holsters – As more civilians move towards carrying a gun, the pocket holster has begun to increase in popularity. These are appropriate for smaller firearms and are ideal for pant or coat pockets.
  • Other types – Other types of gun holsters include thigh holsters, ankle holsters, chest holsters and groin holsters. Two other types of gun holsters that are becoming more popular include the belly band holster and the small of the back holster.

Our name is Gun Holsters Unlimited.com, so you should expect to find the best selection around when it comes to your gun holster options.

Of course many of the holsters available are also meant to work with a holster system of your choice, so you can purchase the holder to slip onto whatever style you choose. Some examples of what we carry include:

  • Uncle Mike’s Vertical Shoulder Holster Right Hand – This is a unique method that is rapidly gaining popularity. As opposed to fitting over the entire back and both shoulders, Uncle Mike’s Vertical Shoulder Holster is designed to slide onto one shoulder to cut down on excess bulk.
  • Galco Leather Shoulder HolsterGalco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster Right Hand Tan 4.5  Glock – Stylish, lightweight and sturdy this option from Galco uses the more traditional full back and shoulder system.
  • Desantis 086 Mini Slide Belt Holster Right Hand Black Ruger SR9 & SR9C Leather – Because belt IWB and OWB gun holsters are still popular, this is a great one to consider.

There are of course many more to choose from, but these options should give you an idea of a few to browse and begin your search with.


The gun or pistol pouch is another alternative to carry a weapon aside from a gun holster. These are often also used for non-lethal guns such as airsoft guns. As you would imagine the pouches are softer than a traditional holster, which is usually made of a more rigid leather or vinyl material. However some gun owners do still use pouches for carrying a concealed weapon.

Here are a couple of pistol pouch options available at Gun Holsters Unlimited:

  • 5.11 Tactical SlickStick System Pouch
  • ITAC iTAC Double Mag Pouch Black 1911 Polymer

Gun Hard CaseHard Gun Cases

For some gun owners, only the hard cases will do, and others prefer soft. Anyone who gets a gun collection going will probably have some of both types.

You may even be acquiring a hard gun case to fit over a soft case. Some of this depends on the type of gun you are buying your case for and what your intended use is.

Here are a few things to realize about hard gun cases:

  • Generally, hard gun cases are constructed of plastic or aluminum. Of course wood is another option as are some other synthetic materials.
  • Hard cases obviously offer the best protection but can also add weight or bulk if you are planning on carrying this by hand for any length of time or distance.
  • Hard cases are also usually appropriate for storage. The right waterproof hard case for your gun can help prevent rust and corrosion, which are common problems with stored guns over time.
  • In most cases, if you are permitted to fly with checked gun luggage, you will need a hard case with a built in lock to meet some of the industry guidelines. Be sure to check about all current regulations before attempting to fly with any type of firearms or even non-lethal weapons.

It is a good idea to have both a hard case and soft case for your gun. By having both you can adapt to whatever situation you are in, or have a reliable storage unit for your gun. To get an idea of what you can find as far as hard gun cases, consider a couple of these for starters:

  • Vanguard 7701 Winchester Single Handgun – Although this is intended for a single handgun don’t expect compact sizes like holsters. This model may not be big, but at 12  x 8.5  x 4  it is obviously larger than holsters or other smaller carrying options.
  • Plano Special Edition Single Scoped/Shotgun – While the purpose of this may be more specific, this is a great hard gun case option because it stays as compact and lightweight as possible to get the job done. Unlike cases that may be more discreet, however, this gun shaped case is not exactly for those who wish to keep their gun carrying concealed.

Soft Gun Cases

The soft cases are intended more for easy and light transport as opposed to full on gun protection. Because soft cases usually are secured only by zippers in which locks can be added, this is also not the safest route to go for keeping the gun secure. These do make a fine addition for those who want to use a soft case inside a hard one. Just be sure the hard case can accommodate the extra bulk.

  • 5.11 Range BagSome of the most common materials used for soft gun cases include polyester, canvas and nylon. However you can also find leather soft cases or other materials such as neoprene.
  • Hunters may use certain styles of soft gun cases because they are water resistant or may float, which makes them ideal for hunting, especially waterfowl.
  • Soft cases for guns are often sturdier than pouches and also may include useful pockets and other storage compartments. Extra storage is more common on soft cases because you can add these compartments and extra carrying weight because these cases are lighter than hard cases.

Some of the soft gun case options at Gun Holsters Unlimited include:

  • Uncle Mike’s Pistol Rug Rectangular Single Handgun Black Soft – This version is slightly discreet and is easy to carry with its durable handles.
  • 5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB 6 Backpack – Compact at just 10.5 x 9 x 5, this is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • TacStar Pistol Grip Single Shotgun Black – The shape may not make this a discreet transport method, but this rugged soft case gets the job done. With carrying handles and padding this is great for shotgun owners.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to caring for your firearms, remember how you carry and store them is also important. Not to mention, if you are transporting your gun somewhere, there may be strict guidelines on how this must be done. Make sure you are familiar with the regulations of where you are traveling including your method of travel.

Part of being a responsible gun owner is also making sure you meet set regulations regarding firearm transport. Taking care of your guns also means having the right type of storage case. Keep all of this in mind as you shop for your gun accessories. Remember, it never hurts to have a soft and a hard gun case, as well as the perfect holster.

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