History & Review of the SIG Sauer P226

Overview of the SSIG Sauer P226IG Sauer P226

Sig Sauer has an interesting relationship with the American consumer. Outside of selling premium weapons to the United States and operating an American factory in New Hampshire , they are constantly standing up for gun rights. Easy to see why, this helps promotes gun sales to American citizens. For a company like Sig Sauer though we are a drop in the bucket when you examine their Government contracts.

History of the SIG P226

The Sig P226 for example has been the mainstay of the Sig Sauer line of handguns for decades. The Sig P226 was designed in 1984 for the United State Military’s pistol trials to replace the war horse 1911. The Sig P226 came in second place to the Beretta M9 and most assume this was due to per unit cost of the weapon, while others speculate the military wanted a manual safety on their weapon.

Either way the Sig P226 did not win the contest, but that didn’t stop the pistol from achieving worldwide success. The P226 did go on to be adopted for the U.S. Navy seals, and eventually the Coast Guard as well as NCIS, the DEA, the Federal Air Marshals, the Texas Rangers, and countless other police agencies in the United States and the World.

SIG P226 Navy

SIG P226 Navy

Specs of the SIG 226

The Sig Sauer P226 is a double action / single action weapon chambered traditionally in 9mm, but 40 S&W and .357 SIG is also available. The weapon lacks a manual safety and instead relies on a decocker and having the first shot have a heavy trigger pull, also on common sense and routine safety procedures for a safety. The Sig P226 is a large weapon, and falls into the category of full sized, or duty sized weapon.

The weapon is also quite heavy, being an all metal weapon you won’t find a trace of plastic in the guns design. This weight helps mitigate the recoil of the 9mm to nearly nothing, and greatly reduces the snappy recoil of the .357 SIG and 40 S&W rounds as well.

The SIG P226 magazine capacity varies by caliber but for the 9mm the standard capacity is usually 15 or 17 rounds, but 18 and 20 rounds factory magazines are available. The Sig Sauer P226 has a vast array of different variations, and some variations have different magazine capacities, and different standard magazines. The magazines of course are universal between different models of the P226 as long as they are the same caliber.

The SIG P226 is extremely accurate, aided by a wonderful trigger and an excellent pair of SIG nite Light sights. The double action is long, but very smooth without creep or stack. The single action is a dream with a very short reset that makes rapid fire incredibly easy. When firing hammer pairs or controlled pairs you really feel the advantage of the weight and light single action trigger.

The weapon is reliable with everything your throw down the barrel. From cheaper steel cased foreign ammo like Tula to Hornady Critical Duty rounds, the weapon eats them up and spits them out. The same goes for the solid metal construction on the magazines, they feed reliably are tough enough to take the abuse any duty weapon suffers through.

With the popularity of the weapon for Law enforcement the majority of holsters out there are designed for duty wear. This makes sense since the pistol is rather larger and bulky, and difficult to conceal. Often times large pistols are uncomfortable to carry all day to size and weight, but the proper holster can make all day carry a breeze.

Holsters for the Sig P226

Here are a few examples of some excellent duty style holsters for the SIG P226.

Galco Miami Classic SIG Sauer P226

Galco Miami Classic SIG Sauer P226

Galco Miami Classic

The Galco Miami Classic has long been the industry standard for shoulder holsters and has proven itself to be a very capable and comfortable holster. The holster is made from premium leather and has both excellent function and form.

The Miami Classic is a looker that’s for sure Galco pulled out all the stops to present a very stylish holster system. The Galco Miami is an excellent holster to conceal the SIG P226. Shoulder holsters tend to make concealing a large frame weapon easier than traditional waist holsters.

The weight of the weapon is also evenly disbursed throughout the back with the Miami Classic’s thick leather straps, and the ability to adjust the straps as necessary. For the average Joe looking to conceal carry their P226 the Miami Classic is perfect.

The P226 has earned its worldwide fame through being a reliable, accurate and capable weapon across the world. Earning a place in the U.S. Navy SEAL’ arsenal is no small matter, and the same goes for prestigious law enforcement agencies like the Texas Rangers.

The P226 is likely to be around for decades to come, reminding us all the sun has not set on the all metal pistol.

Blackhawk SERPA Drop Leg Holster SIG Sauer P226

Blackhawk SERPA Drop Leg Holster SIG Sauer P226

BlackHawk Serpa Leg Rig

The Blackhawk Serpa series is the official holster of the United States Marine Corps and has been for the last few years. The Serpa series is a modular system focused around a kydex holster. Kydex is a hard polymer that is fitted to specific guns. The BlackHawk Leg rig is just one style of carry for a Serpa holster which include belt or paddle, and a MOLLE platform for chest carry.

The actual Leg rig sans holster is also capable of fitting different varieties of SERPA holsters for different guns. The platform is very comfortable and the wide semi elastic straps that wrap around the leg are wide enough to absorb the weight and carry it well, without cutting or digging into the user’s leg. The wide strap that secures to a belt is tough and supports the weapon so it doesn’t hang lazily from the belt.

Drawing from the Serpa platform is easy and fast. The system features an active retention device which utilizes the point the trigger finger naturally falls to in a finger off the trigger hold. The Blackhawk Serpa leg rig is an excellent way to carry a large handgun for duty use.

Product Review of the Sig P226

Sig Sauer is a Swiss weapons producer whose name has long been synonymous with quality firearms, and the SIG 226 is their flagship weapon.

I can’t really say anything that hasn’t been said before of the SIG P226. This is a testament to the SIG p226, and its decades of service in military and police forces around the world.

The SIG 226 is the chosen pistol of the United States Navy Seals and federal law enforcement agencies such as the NCIS and the Department of Homeland Security. Around the nation, police carry the weapon with full confidence in the weapon’s ability.

If you’ve never shot a SIG, you are truly missing out. These weapons are one of the most enjoyable pistols in the world to shoot.

Everything about the weapon just screams quality. You won’t find rough finishes, or machine marking all around the weapon. The weapon is very solid; it’s built like a damn tank to be honest.

The all steel construction makes the pistol the perfect choice for someone looking for a modern combat pistol that doesn’t feature a polymer frame. The pistol was initially entered in the XM9 contest in the 80s to replace the aging 1911’s that had served the United States Military for decades.

The military did extensive testing and two guns were left after beating designs by FN, Colt, S&W and even H&K; the SIG 226 and the Beretta 92. The rumor has always been that the Beretta was chosen due to a lower price per unit.

Still, the SIG was adopted by the Navy Seals, and its little brother the 228 was adopted for pilots as the M11 A1. Outside of its military and police users, it’s also been a popular gun for civilian self-defense and competition.


Magazines for the SIG P226 are some of the most expensive I’ve ever purchased, but they are worth every dime. The SIG factory mags and MECGAR mags are excellent.

The most common is a fifteen round flush magazine, but MECGAR mags are 18 rounds and only sit about a centimeter below the grip and provide you with three extra rounds.

The Magazines are also extremely common and easy to find. In fact, even during the assault weapons ban scare, SIG mags were still relatively easy to find. The magazines are all steel by the way, the extra weight the steel adds help the magazine eject very easily. The biggest downside is the price, as they cost around $35 a piece for the MECGAR eighteen round magazines.


Ergonomics is where the SIG truly shines. How you ever picked up a gun and really examined how it feels?

More than once I’ve picked up a gun and thought did the designer even have hands? Often times the slide lock is placed in a seemingly random position. Not so with the Sig, it’s right above where my thumb sits.

The grip frame is brilliant. It just feels natural in the hand. It could just be me, and I do have very large hands. The grip is large enough to provide a stable three finger grip, but not wide enough to start feeling like a 2×4. A two handed grip feels very solid.

When firing the weapon the combination of a very solid grip and the heavy weight of the pistol minimizes recoil and muzzle rise considerably. For smaller hands SIG released their E2 grips that are much slimmer and more comfortable for smaller hands.

The weight can be a buzzkill for some trying to conceal the pistol, but this pistol isn’t made to be concealed. It’s built for real combat on a battlefield, made to carry in a thigh rig or on the waist openly.

Trigger Time

Firing this weapon is a treat, a true treat. The double action is a bit stiff, but since the weapon lacks a safety, this makes the weapon a little safer to carry. The single action is the real gem here, absolutely beautiful.

The heavy weight, solid grip and light trigger make the weapon very easy to fire rapidly. Add in the weapon’s inherent accuracy you have a pistol built for combat that shines in every way.

The sights are large, and SIG night sights are excellent. They are perfect for rapid target acquisition, and the sights are very tough and very stable. The sights can be swapped out if you choose another style, and can be swapped for target adjustable, as well as an Mini Reflex Red dot if you so choose.

The weapon chews through ammo, and the eighteen round magazines limit how much you have to reload. The weapon is accurate, reliable, fun to shoot, and very well made.

The finish is excellent and extremely tough, mine is very well used and there isn’t a single real scratch on the finish. The main downside is the weight and for a lot of us the cost.

The average SIG goes new for $900 for a base model. There are a lot of different kinds of special editions of this weapon and the price goes up with ever additional feature.


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