Machetes, Tactical Tomahawks and Entrenching Tools

Machetes, Tactical Tomahawks & Entrenching ToolsOverview

Machetes, hatchet, tomahawks, and all things pointy are a lot of fun. Outside of being excellent for the invading zombie hoards, and the occasional masked serial killer, they are also excellent tools. Each has its own unique use and purpose.

These tools can be used by a wide variety of different people from landscapers, to campers, and even to preppers, these tools are immensely important for anyone who considers themselves an outdoors-man or woman.

MachetesThe Machete

Machetes are an international tool. They can be found across the world for good reason, they are simple, low tech, easy to use and efficient. A good machete is capable of cutting through thick brush, small tree limbs, or even cutting small pieces of wood for a fire.

The machete is an excellent deep brush self defense tool, think dealing with snakes and other small vermin you may encounter. This kind of encounter will be close up, and happen fast when trudging through the brush, a machete in the hand is a quick and silent way to deal with any venomous animal.

Machetes are excellent to throw in with the camping gear or the bug out bag. Especially the bug out bag, this is an excellent item to have one or two of. The low tech nature and their dependability make them excellent tools for the prepper.

There is a wide variety of different machetes as well, with varying lengths and blade styles. This variety will be personal preference, and if your environment dictates certain needs.

Cold Steel Latin Machete

Cold Steel Latin Machete

Cold Steel Latin Machete

The cold steel latin Machete is about as traditional as it gets. The Latin Machete is the classic machete design, with a simple handle and simple blade. The Latin machete is what most are familiar with and is the easy to use, and lightweight for carry. The blade maximizes the chopping action to near the tip of the blade. This curve is where the primary cutting will be done and should always be the most important part of the blade.

What makes this Latin Machete different is the quality a company like Cold Steel utilizes when making their blades. The Cold Steel Latin machete is extremely durable in both metal work and finish. The blade holds a fine edge and is the perfect length for chopping through the jungle, or just some tall weeds in the backyard.


A tomahawks typical design resembles a small axe like weapon that is in fact more weapon than tool. Tomahawks earliest models were simple sharpened stone on a wooden handle. These weapons doubled as tools were too lightweight to be a serious axe, but are extremely capable of close range fighting.

The tomahawks light weight makes it a natural companion of the woodsman. Tomahawks have also been issued to certain United States military units like US Army Stryker Brigade, the 3rd Brigade 2nd Infantry Division, and the 172 SBCT Team. These modern tomahawks double as entry and rescue tools and one tomahawk is issued per Stryker for both duties.

SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

Sog Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

SOG is a renowned knife maker who has extended their line and branched into a wide variety of sharp and pointy thing, bringing their quality and infusing it into everything they touch. The SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk is a take on the traditional tomahawk and sticking to the overall design, while advancing the material used to make it.

The handle is glass reinforced nylon. This material is just as strong as wood, but has quite a few advantages. First off the material is much lighter and easier to carry of long trips. The material is also naturally water resistant, and much easier to clean when exposed to the elements.

The SOG Fusion Tomahawk strays just a bit when it comes to tomahawk head design. This dual purpose head features the traditional small and lightweight blade, but teams it with spike on the edge. This spike can be extremely handy when digging and meeting a rough patch of dirt, it’s almost a small pick axe at that point.

Entrenching Tools

The Entrenching tool, also known as the E-tool is one of the oldest tools still used in war by the infantry. The E-tool can be dated back to the Roman Legions using a variety of small shovels for digging in the defense, and as basic camp tools. At the time they were called batillums, these days it’s just e-tools. Entrenching Tools in their current nature are small shovels that are capable of folding to save space.

E-Tools are issued to modern armies, and often used for building defensive positions, filling sandbags, or digging latrines or saddle trenches. The E-tool is a compact tool perfect for camping or even preppers. The tool can be sharpened a bit to make it a viable root cutter and is even capable of cutting small branches off trees.

Glock Entrenching Tools

Glock Entrenching Tools

Glock Entrenching Tool

Yes Glock, and yes that Glock, the same Glock who makes the famed handguns also makes quite a bit of military equipment. Believe it or not that is where the company got started. The Glock Entrenching tool is relatively simple tool, but gives a lot of options to it’s user.

The Shovel blade can be folded to four different positions, to tailor digging edges, or turn the e-tool into a pick axe. The handle is a lightweight polymer that telescopes instead of folds. This telescoping feature makes it easier to unfold and utilize in a hurry.

The Glock shovel also features two other tools. A detachable saw blade that can screw into the handle makes short work of roots or branches. Packed into handle is also a screwdriver tip. This does make the Glock model stand out, and the quality is what one expects from Glock and only weighs 24 ounces.

These three selected tools give any backpacker, hunter, prepper, hiker, or outdoorsman a wide variety of tools for nearly any situation. These tools are also tough, dependable, and well built from companies that have an excellent reputation for quality.

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