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H&K USP CompactThe Heckler and Koch USP or Universal Self Loading Pistol, is one of H&Ks most popular pistols. The USP has been in service with the Germany army for some time as the P8 and has served them without complaint. The H&K USP has proven to be a major player in the polymer handgun market here in the U.S. with a number of SWAT teams adopting the weapon.

USP Compact vs USP

The USP compact is not much different from the USP, just a bit smaller. The USP Compact comes chambered in 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP, and the compact is the only USP chambered in 357 Sig. The USP Compact is a double action single action weapon, but there are LEM models which is a light double action only trigger group.

The safety and decocking mechanism can be customized to the users’ choice, including right hand or left configurations. These variations can be range from decocker only, to safety only or decocker and safety. The USP Compact can be outfitted with a variety of different accessories from H&K including night sights, lasers and flashlights.

HK USP Compact

HK USP Compact

Features of the H&K USP Compact

The H&K USP features excellent controls for a compact weapon. From the factory the pistol is equipped with an extended slide lock and easy to use safety or decocking controls. The down side to larger controls is the fact the weapon can be a bit more difficult to conceal, and not as streamlined and snag free as other pistols. The weapon’s features excellent ergonomics with a grip angle that points very naturally, combined with the larger controls it’s a great shooter, very comfortable.

The H&K USP compact’s polymer frame helps reduce the weight and keeps the weapon nice and light for carry purposes. The magazines are of the utmost highest quality and made from steel. These steel magazines are tough enough to be dropped over and over and over.

The magazine release is truly ambidextrous and is a paddle style lever built into the trigger guard. This is much different than what most Americans are used to, but it works, and works well. The magazine release can be engaged with either the thumb or the trigger finger with ease. Training is the key here.

HK USP CompactShooting the USP Compact

Accuracy out of the box is excellent. The light single action breaks very crisply and the double action maybe long, but it’s smooth and breaks nice and predictable like.

The large sights are night sights from the factory, but are plenty visible during the day. The sights are like little beacons in low light conditions.

The H&K USP Compact is an excellent concealed carry weapon. Make no mistake it’s not a pocket pistol, but its compact nature and lightweight polymer frame still make it easy to carry.

The pistol is somewhat blocky, but a proper holster can effectively conceal this weapon with little effort. The H&K has plenty of holster options available, varying from tactical to concealed and more police and military style holsters.

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