Review of the Cantamount Fury

Cantamount FurySo there I was neck deep in impatience. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Yugo Pap AK pistol with the SB 47 for weeks now. My local gun store said he was trying to get them in and to check back regularly.

So anyway, I was in his store letting him say sorry they haven’t come in yet for the last time. I say for the last time because he was unboxing what I thought was a Saiga 12.

I’m generally right about certain things, but once in a blue moon I am wrong. He brought out a Chinese clone called the Cantamount Fury. Like a lot of things in his store he let me paw over it with no real intention to buy it since I’m a shooter on a budget. As you can picture, it’s an AK style shotgun, chambered in twelve gauge, and resembles an unconverted Saiga 12.

Cantamount Fury ShotgunSpecs & Features of the Cantamount Fury

He started going over the details. The weapon comes stock with a hinged dust cover fit with a rail for all your optics need. A rail in front of the AK style hand guards for a flashlight or possibly a cup holder. The Fury comes with an adjustable gas system to handle lighter loads, or cut down the recoil on heavier loads, including three inch rounds.

The Cantamount Fury features interchangeable chokes and comes with a full, modified, and cylinder chokes. Of course there is a bolt hold open as well. Also, normally they came with two five round mags, but his distributor gave him a deal and the few he had in stock came with five mags.

The first thing that strikes you is the weapon’s weight. The Fury is front heavy, and a hefty eight and a half pounds. The sights are simple and non-adjustable, and have a very short sight radius, like pistol short.

Of course I had to ask how much. I figured with all the extra little features they had to run right up there with a Saiga. He said 450 out the door, and with that my AK craving was satisfied.

After I got it home and opened the box I discovered I got something else for free! I got tons and tons of packing grease. I tried wiping it down and out, this was taking too long so I took it to the shower and hit it with some concentrated hot water.

The magazines are five round polymer type. After a bit of google fu I heard rumors of ten and eight rounders, but could not find any for sale. I also heard rumors of modifying Saiga Pro Mags but found no solid instructions. Loading the magazines was difficult at first, they seemed really stiff but since putting a few hundreds rounds through it they loosened up.

Accessories aren’t really available, but the gun is newer to the market. The weapon is set to be converted Saiga style, but the parts really aren’t out there yet. According to my dealer drums and higher cap magazines are on the way. Extra five round magazines are pretty expensive for polymer, about 35 dollars apiece.

My dealer advised shooting some standard buck first to break it in, but I hate taking advice so I grabbed my hundred rounds of Remington Gun Club 1 1/8 ounce loads, twenty rounds of Fiocchi reduced recoil buckshot, and twenty five rounds of Winchester XP3 slugs , and fifty rounds of Winchester Military buckshot loads.

Shooting the Cantamount Fury

I planned to try a few mags of each. My target? Balloons, cans, some wild watermelon, and an old broken tv I was hauling to the dump later that day. I had a couple of paper plates to pattern the shotgun, but that was for later. Right now I was shooting for fun.

First off the magazines are somewhat difficult to rock in for first time AK shotgun owners. I’m used to the normal AK rock and roll, the Fury’s rock and roll was exaggerated and very broad. Just recently I’ve somewhat mastered the roll in with shotgun ammo, and the mags loosening up helped quite a bit.

The sights are really disappointing, the short sight radius, and small all black sights really don’t do it for me. Sadly standard AK sights may have been better. At least there is an optic rail. Still kind of sad I would love a good set of irons on this shotgun.

Of course the controls were standard AK so they were a bit outdated in terms of ergonomics. The safety was of course AK awkward but slid easily and quickly. The trigger was surprisingly good, even though it doesn’t matter much on a shotgun. Is was short, clean, and broke nice and crisply. Recoil varied per load but double 00 buck was nice and manageable when the gun was set to the full power gas setting. Between the 8.5 lbs and the gas system recoil was quite pleasant.

Speaking off changing the gas system requires nothing more than a quarter, or dime, or a key. Changing the gas setting was easy to do on the fly.

Shooting the Fury was just so much fun. I could release a positive amount of hell in a very quick manner. I cut a fence post in half with Federal Personal defense buckshot in the 00 variety. The flight control wad really keeps the shot together and increases the overall range of a shotgun considerably.

Cantamount Fury Slugs

Cantamount Fury Slugs

The XP3 slugs grouped quite well at 25 yards, well beyond home defense difference. The Winchester Military buckshot has the widest spread but was well contained in the chest of a silhouette target at 2o yards.

The sights suck, but they were adequate at fifteen yards. Reliability with three out of the four loads was top notch. Of course both brands of buckshot ran without a hitch.

The Remington gun club loads started out rough, producing a failure to feed one or twice per magazine. After a shooting magazine after magazine through the Fury it began cycling the Remington Gun Club perfectly and rarely produced a failure after the first hundred rounds.

The one load that failed consistently was the Fiocchi Reduced recoil, but not for the reason you think. When the gas system was set to the low powered setting it fired and ejected fine. The main problem with the ammo was actually feeding it.

The softer plastic of the Fiocchi shell made it difficult to feed, the shell would catching on any small jagged piece and keep it there. I believe reduced recoil buckshot would work in the weapon with a stiffer plastic for the shell.

I feel a little dumb waiting this long for an AK style shotgun. As a home defense shotgun you’d be hard pressed to find something that allows you to pump six rounds of twelve gauge in just a few seconds for under 500 dollars.

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