Review of the Diamondback DB9 – Best Holsters for the DB9

Diamondback DB9Diamondback as a company has been producing a variety of different tools for years, and only recently have they entered the firearm world. They, like most successful firearm companies entered with not a splash but a bang. Diamond back entered the firearms world producing the world’s smallest 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

The Diamondback DB 9 is a true pocket pistol and can be easily hidden on anyone regardless of size. This makes it a very attractive weapon for small framed individuals, especially petite women.

The DB9 bills itself as the ultimate concealed carry weapon, but is it reliable? Is it practical? Controllable? And does it perform well enough to trust your life too? Anytime a new gun comes from a new company it needs to scrutinized, especially when it’s billing itself for daily carry and self-defense.

Diamond back DB9Specs of the Diamondback DB9

At first glance Diamond Backs little nine isn’t much to look at. Like a Glock, it’s very simple and Spartan in design. The frame is polymer and teeny tiny, the slide and barrel are metal, and it lacks a manual safety. The pistol is flat black, but there is a FDE model and an Olive drab model out there somewhere.

Holding the little DB 9 is interesting to say the least. The little pocket power 9mm is just so small, and this is not a gun big enough to even try to get a pinky on. There are extended magazines with pinky rests available though. Racking the slide it became apparent that the slide does not lock back when empty. Not a big deal, and I assume this was to save room and create a simpler weapon overall. The weapons features decent little sights of the three dot variety and there are plenty usable.

Shooting the Diamondback DB9

Shooting is a little painful. Even with light 9mm loads, you feel every ounce of recoil in your hand. The gun is a bit jumpy and definitely not what one would call a pleasant plinker. Unfortunately, that is the necessary trade off when going to a smaller and lighter gun. Now, the recoil isn’t so painful that you can’t shoot a few rounds…it’s more like a good high five, it just stings a bit. The mini beaver tail does wonders to prevent slide bite, much better that a Walther PPK.

Reliability was excellent with a variety of ball FMJ ammunition and some light Hornady critical defense rounds. Individuals who have trouble with limp wristing may dislike this gun. Smaller guns tends to take limp wrists roughly and do malfunction when the gun is not held firmly. It’s a matter of opinion if this is the guns fault or the shooters, but either way it’s something be aware of.

Accuracy is what you expect from a tiny little pocket pistol. It’s minute of bad guy accurate with 7 inch groups at seven yards, but all rounds were firmly planted in the chest of the standard silhouette target. This is what the pistol was designed for, a close range self-defense scenario. Even fired rapidly the rounds hit in the target, some lower, some higher, but all center of mass shots. Rapid fire with this little fire ball is possible, but make sure a tight grip is had or you are just begging for a malfunction.

The pistol carries wonderfully, it’s just so nice and light and small. There are no sharp edges, no holster to constantly play around with and adjust. The pistol literally disappears and can be forgotten about quite easily. The DB 9 is just so small and easy to carry the appeal is very high for small stature folks. More than a few companies have realized this and began producing holsters to fit the weapon and smaller individuals including the largest growing group on concealed carriers, women.

Best Holsters for the Diamondback DB9

Flashbang Bra Holster

Flashbang Bra Holster

Flashbang Holsters

Modern female fashions are not exactly firearms, or concealed carry friendly. Many women work around this factor but are often left uncomfortable with holsters made specifically for men. Flashbang holsters have stepped forward to solve that problem.

Flashbang holsters are now producing multiple varieties of holsters, but the original Flashbang is still the most famous. The Flashbang is designed purely for women by women. The Flashbang holster is actually the first ever bra holster. The Flashbang Bra Holster for the DB9 attaches to the center of the bra and allows the user to have relatively quick access to the weapon.

The DB 9 is the perfect little gun for this style of carry and Flashbang was happy to oblige and designed an excellent holster for it. The holster itself is kydex and the strap connecting it the bra is leather. The Passive retention device holds the DB 9 nice and snug for all day carry.

Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster DB9

Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster DB9

Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

The Desantis Nemesis Holster is a popular pocket holster that comes in multiple sizes. The holster is made from a soft nylon and with ribbing designed to grip the interior of the pocket and hold nice and steady.

The key to a good pocket holster is comfort and that the holster stays in the pocket when the weapon is drawn. The Nemesis features a wide little wing that anchors the holsters into the pocket and work hand in hand with the exterior grip surface to keep the holster in the pocket nice and cozy.

The DB 9 is the perfect pocket gun outside of a derringer. The DB 9 sits comfortably in a pocket and is safe to carry when the proper holster is applied, like the Desantis Nemesis Diamondback DB9.

Desantis 27 Quick Snap

For those who prefer an outside the waistband carry the little leather quick snap is perfect for their DB9. The quick snap is you guessed it quick to put on and go about your way with. The DB 9 is an excellent outside the waistband gun because it’s so easy to hide with just a t-shirt. The small Quick Snap is all leather and goes on the belt with a simple leather button strap. The holster is very simple and very easy to use.

The DB 9 may not be for everyone, but for those looking for a handful of firepower the DB 9 is quite the weapon. The DB 9 is chambered in a modern potent caliber and is incredibly easy to carry no matter what your body type is.

Diamondback Firearms

Enter the Diamondback line of handguns. These guns are as small as you can really get; they are much smaller than say a subcompact Glock, or even a Walther PPK 380. The Diamond back is the smallest and lightest 9mm you are going to find outside of a derringer. The Diamondback DB 9 packs 6 + 1 rounds in the most concealable package available.

The DB 9 features a very smooth, snag interface, free of any kind of external safety. The only safety is an individual’s trigger discipline and the long double action pull of the trigger. The pistol itself is Spartan in design and very plain. It won’t win any kind of beauty contest, but it’s not a Hi Point either.

The grip checkering is very nice, and is important on a gun this small. You may only be lucky enough to get a two fingered grip on this baby 9mm. The scalloping on the front and rear of the slide is nice as well. It provides an easy to grip surface for racking the weapon.

Speaking of racking the weapon, it’s pretty difficult to do. This is attributed to the small size and the strong recoil spring. By no means is it impossible, but one should carefully consider purchasing this for a petite individual or an elderly person.

One feature you may not like is the lack of a last shot slide stop, but this helps keep the weapon simple and stream lined. It takes out any kind of slide release, which would add bulk to the weapon.

At the Range

Shooting this weapon is a bit different and takes some serious dedication. Tiny pocket autos like this were not meant to be range guns and halfway into a box of ammo this becomes quite apparent.

Even shooting 115 grain loads, the gun smacks your hand quite fiercely. You can’t expect much recoil management from the gun, and most people realize a tiny gun plus a full powered round equals a stinging hand.

It’s not so bad that it’s painful, but it’s definitely not nice. I don’t recommend someone buying this weapon and never training with it. This type of gun is something someone should become proficient with if they choose to carry.

It’s unfair to say the weapon is inaccurate; it’s just so tiny and fierce, accuracy is not it’s strength. At seven yards you can easily make center mass shots, but don’t expect impressive groups.

Finding a good recoil-reduced round maybe the key, but that defeats the purpose of using a 9mm. The DB 9 does feature nice sights for such a tiny gun. The sights are rounded, but not as small as you’d imagine, they are plenty easy to acquire a target with.

As far as reliability goes, the weapon needs to be ammo picky. Federal ammo ran just fine, but Winchester white box resulted is a few failure to ejects. Hornady’s critical defense ran fine through it, and in our opinion it’s the best ammo to carry with this gun.

A user can also use a seven round magazine which gives you a bit more grip and an extra round. Also available is a Crimson Trace laser, which makes small guns much more effective. That’s about it for accessories.

The gun is available in a variety of finishes, with multiple frame colors. There is an olive drab, a black and even a pink frame. There is a stainless steel and blued variant of the slide.

As far as being easy to conceal, you’ll be hard pressed to find something smaller in such a potent caliber. The weapon can be carried in any form of clothing, and can be carried all day comfortably and easily.

The Diamondback is a great choice for those who need a deep cover weapon, and it’s very affordable. The DB 9 breaks the cycle of mouse guns in puny calibers by giving us a mighty mouse.

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