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Hornady RAPiD Safe H98150

Hornady RAPiD Safe H98150

Large or small, a safe is a nice thing to have. A safe provides a central location for whatever you are storing, and serves as a deterrent against theft or unauthorized access to those items. Some even protect against fire and water damage.

I say deterrent because no safe is 100% inaccessible. Given enough time, a well-trained thief or thieves will be able to get into any safe.


Disclaimer #1 “ 100% Security?: There may be a few safes out there that are, or claim to be, 100% secure from break-in.

We are talking about safes owned by extremely wealthy people and/or the U.S. Government or Treasury. These guys probably do have safes that are very close to 100% secure—I will take their word for it.

But in general, no safe is 100% un-bustable. At least none that cost less than multiple thousands of dollars.

With any product type, I typically like to hear the bad news,  or downside  first, and in this case with most safes, the downside is that given enough time, a well experienced thief can probably figure out how to break into anything.

However, there are obviously upsides to having a safe too (otherwise, why buy one, right?). Even though most home safes will not be 100% effective against break-in, a home safe can still serve as a powerful deterrent, especially when coupled with a good security system and the watchful eye of the homeowner.

Safes are also good to keep guns out of the hands of one particularly important group of un-authorized users: kids. Unless you do something very irresponsible such as 1. leave the key or combination lying around or 2. Not put the firearm in the safe when not in use, safes are a great way to make sure the kiddos don’t gain access to things they shouldn’t be accessing.

Unless the thief (or potential thief) has specialized training or gains access to your key or combination, most dishonest or unauthorized people are not going to be able to gain access to your safe, even the most basic of safes, unless they have a lot of training and/or a lot of time.

Even if the safe is smaller, like a floor safe or wall safe, for example, if you install it properly and/or hide it and/or screw it into the floor, in most cases you should be fine. There are even safes on the market now that require a biometric fingerprint to open them. How cool is that!?

Disclaimer #2 “ Biometric Safes: Biometric Safes are in fact very cool, and work well for some homeowners. However, these safes don’t always work well for people with large fingers and/or if you sweat a lot (if you live in a humid location, perhaps).

Bank VaultBut Wait, This Item is Priceless to Me!

We advise at least thinking about putting your items in a more secure location, like a bank’s safety deposit box or vault, for example, if the following statement applies to you:

If I lost this (insert sentimental/valuable/un-losable) item, my life would be forever changed, and possibly ruined!  Again, most safes are not 100% secure or anywhere close so if you have items you consider of absolute importance and/or if you travel a lot, you may want to consider other options, many of which are quite affordable.

Below are a few of the smaller safes that we sell & recommend for the bedroom or closet:


1. DAC Floor Safe 15X12X11 DOJ

DAC Floor Safe

DAC Floor Safe











2. GunVault MicroVault Biometric 11X8X2


Gun Vault MicroVault

















3. GunVault MultiVault DLX Safe 12X8X5

Gun Vault MultiVault

Gun Vault MultiVault























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