The Best Inside the Waistband Holsters for Carrying Concealed

Woman Carrying ConcealedFOR A CIVILIAN WITH A CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT, carrying a concealed weapon will always bring a little rush to the person the first few times it’s done.

You buy your gun, get your carry license, and put it on for the first time.

As you mingle about in public, you’re worried if the gun is showing, if it’s printing, did it shift, and you’re making those nervous gestures to readjust that makes it obvious you’re guarding something on your person.

All of these might be happening if you have a substandard holster.

In contrast, the right holster will feel like its part of your body, rendering even the heaviest of semi automatics well-supported and held close to your body. Still, even the finest outside the waistband holster might not be discreet enough for your purposes.

Maybe you’re worried that a gust of wind will blow your coat open, or maybe it’s an 80 degree day out and you can’t wear a coat because you’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

If any of these apply, you should consider looking into an inside the waistband (IWB) holster.

What is Inside the Waistband?

Since handguns were invented, the first true concealed carry gun holsters were most likely pocket holsters and a popular method of carry was to thrust the weapon inside the waistband or belt, sometimes with mixed result. If you cinch your belt tight enough, it MIGHT stay put as long as you didn’t move much.

This initial method worked ok, primarily because the waistband is a great place to conceal something. Holster manufacturers soon caught on that inside the waistband carry was definitely promising, and designed a slew of holsters to address this need.

IWB HolsterHow Inside the Waistband Holsters Work

Inside the Waistband Holsters (IWB) work because most modern handguns aren’t very thick, and an average person’s waistline can easily accommodate growth of an inch or an inch and a half and not look suspicious.

Modern IWB holsters do a couple things “ first, they broaden that inch or so, spreading it laterally along your waist so that one inch bulge is now spread over four to six inches of your waist meaning you have a gradual protrusion, not a speed bump.

Secondly, the gun holster has one of many methods of attaching to your belt so you can draw and holster your firearm with ease, never fearing that the holster will snag or come out with the gun.

IWB on the right pistol is so effective that you can even wear some shirts tucked in without letting on you’re carrying. It’s really one of the most concealable carry methods out there, and it’s worth looking into.

IWB Brands to Look Into

There are a multitude of holster manufacturers out there, and a few of them are real experts when it comes to concealment.

Desantis Sof-Tuck HolsterDesantis Gunhide IWB Holsters

DeSantis Gunhide is one of those companies “ even though they make all types of holsters, they’re really known for their concealment rigs, and some pretty original ones too, from pocket carry to ankle rigs.

Desantis makes a complete line of IWB holsters, one of the finest as of late being the Sof-Tuk series.

These little suede holsters are perfectly designed to keep the cold steel where it belongs they’re minimalist open top designs that clip onto your belt and provide a great ride angle for the pistol of your choice.

Desantis Pro Stealth HolsterDeSantis also makes the pro-stealth, a little nylon holster that’s excellent for today’s popular pocket autos. The Pro Stealth is unique in this class as it also has room for an extra magazine, which is carried in a pouch just forward of the pistol.

The beauty of this design is that the extra width of the mag breaks up the print of the gun even further for the ultimate in concealment.

Bianchi 6D HolsterBianchi IWB Holsters

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more substantial, or your department needs you to have an IWB rig that has a thumb break.

You couldn’t go wrong with the Bianchi 6D series of inside the pant holsters.

Made by Bianchi, a legendary leather goods manufacturer, these premium saddle leather designs don’t sacrifice on features just because they’re IWB holsters. The rig has a full thumb break and is fully adjustable “ and extremely affordable.

Don Hume H715M HolsterDon Hume IWB Holsters

So far all these holsters are for smaller guns. What about if you want to go with something more full size?

Don Hume makes some great inside the waistband holsters. The Don Hume H715-M is one of the most popular IWB holsters out there. It conceals the weapon almost perfectly and has a great price point.


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