The Best Methods and Holsters for Conceal Carry

THE UNTIED STATES IS GOING THROUGH somewhat of a firearms renaissance of late. More states have shall-issue weapons laws on the books than ever, meaning that any citizen who isn’t otherwise prohibited from carrying a weapon can be issued a permit.

Some states have even removed the permit requirement if you’re legal to buy a gun, you can carry it concealed without a permit.

If you’re new to carrying concealed, you definitely want to spend some time looking into your holster and what method you choose to carry concealed. There are some good reasons for this.

First of all, it’s incumbent upon you as a firearms owner and 2nd Amendment supporter to not create firearms related drama that affects the rest of us. Things like your gun inadvertently sticking out of your shirt, it falling to the floor in a crowded mall, or it sliding down your pant leg at the convenience store aren’t cool, and they make all of us gun owners look bad.

Get a good concealment holster to make sure that your gun stays concealed. Thankfully, there are many choices out there; it just depends where and how you want to carry.

Inside the Waistband

Inside the Waistband, or IWB, is one of the most poplar methods of carrying concealed. Concealment is accomplished by both the holster and the gun going inside the waistband, or inside the pants “ both terms are interchangeable.

This carry method is super stealth and doesn’t require the use of an outer garment to cover anything. Almost every major gun holster manufacturer makes an IWB rig because they’re so easy to hide “ even Blackhawk!, best known for it’s tactical gear has an excellent nylon inside the pant rig that can accept a full size auto with ease, creating a perfect draw angle while concealing the pistol beautifully.

A few of the most popular IWB Holsters on the market these days are the Desantis Sof-Tuck, the Desantis Insider, The Don Hume H715-M, and the Galco Stow-N-Go.

Brands to Look For: Blackhawk, Desantis, Don Hume, Galco

Pocket Holsters

Maybe a pocket auto is more your style, and you want to fly even further under the radar. Some would say that a small revolver or semi-auto in your pocket is much better than a large gun that may be difficult to access. Pocket holsters are great because the firearm usually slides right in, allowing the gun to be concealed in your pocket while still allowing a safety mechanism so the gun doesn’t accidentally discharge in your pocket.

The Bianchi 6 Waistband is one of the slinkiest most minimalist holsters out there. An open top design, the Bianchi 6 waistband is a premium leather rig that can accommodate pocket autos and little revolvers for the ultimate in hidden carry.

Other favories are the El Paso Pocket Max, made of leather, and the Desantis Superfly, made of nylon. The outside of the Desantis Superfly is rubberized nylon so sticky that it’s named after fly paper “ yet the inside is so slick you can holster and draw without every budging the holster. Galco Pocket Protect is also a good choice.

Brands to Look For: Bianchi, Desantis, Don Hume, El Paso, Galco

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are the original concealment rigs out there, and have been rocked by detectives and criminals alike for over a century. Under the arm is a great place to keep even the largest of weapons, and the beauty of these designs is that opposite the gun, you can usually have a couple magazines. They’re eminently easy to carry as well.

The downside of this design is that you need to wear a suit jacket, coat, or heavy shirt over it to hide the rig, which may or may not be possible in your area, or during the summer. One of the finest shoulder rigs made by the premier shoulder holster company “ Galco “ is the Miami Classic. Just looking at this thing evokes images of Scarface or maybe even a Miami gumshoe. It’s made of gorgeous butter soft saddle leather stitched to perfection and can hold a good size auto as well as two additional magazines, giving you the kind of storage space no other holster type can.

Brands to Look For: Bulldog, Galco, Uncle Mike’s

On the Waist

If you’re committed to carrying on the waist, you’ve got a multitude of choices. Outside the waist band is a viable carry alternative and the choice of many folks. To conceal, you’ll just need to wear a tucked out shirt or suit jacket. There are choices abound for this method of carry; it just depends on what kind of material you prefer. From leather to kydex to nylon, there are literally hundreds of different holsters to choose from.

Many civilians tend to pick leather or nylon for this type of conceal carry, such as Galco or Uncle Mike’s, while many law enforcement professionals will choose kydex holsters such as the Blackhawk Serpa.

Brands to Look For: Bianchi, Blackhawk, Fobus, Galco, Safariland, Uncle Mike’s

Miscellaneous Conceal Carry

One last method of conceal carry is what we call the miscellaneous category. There are many products that have just come on the market in the last few years that allow several different types of conceal carry not available before.

These products include: conceal carry jackets, conceal carry purses, and conceal carry planners. If you can believe it, there are even bra holsters available nowadays. I’m sure there are more than the ones I just mentioned, but these are the primary miscellaneous methods.

These products are specially made with hidden pockets or compartments in them to facilitate conceal carry, and are great ways to still have ready access to a firearm without having to carry it on your person.

See ¦.concealed carry doesn’t have to be scary or onerous. Exercise your constitutional rights by carrying your weapon in a safe, responsible and comfortable method.


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