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IF YOU WEAR A GUN EVERY DAY, you’re going to be looking for a few key features in a gun holster.

The Desantis Speed Scabbard and Desantis Mini Slide Holsters fit the bill on much of what you’ll be looking for in a quality gun holster.

Desantis Gunhide HolsterDeSantis Gunhide actually has many holsters that are great for both open carry and conceal carry.

Originally founded almost forty years ago in New York, DeSantis continues to be a family owned operation selling only American made products of the highest quality, mainly made of finely tooled saddle leather.

In a world filled with a dizzying array of holsters and holster manufacturers, DeSantis stands alone as a company that specializes primarily in concealment holsters, so they know a thing or two about keeping a gun on your person.

Desantis Speed Scabbard HolsterDesantis Speed Scabbard

DeSantis’ premier concealment holster for working professionals is the Speed Scabbard series of holsters, and as the name implies, it’s a completely enclosed design.

The Speed Scabbard is a very secure holster that will protect the firearm from impact or any attempt to grab it should it become exposed, while at the same time holding the gun close to the body for good concealment.

The benefit of a fully enclosed holster like the Speed Scabbard for concealment purposes is that it breaks up the outline of the weapon, making it less obvious that you have a gun on your hip.

This holster is also available with or without a thumb break so you can choose whether you feel like you need that extra level of retention.

The holster is accurately molded to precisely fit the weapon of your choice, and features a tensioning screw to ensure that the gun stays where you want it.

Lastly, the Desantis Speed Scabbard also includes two forward belt loops of differing heights so you can cant the weapon however you want it, from a straight vertical carry to a forward carry which conceals the weapon better and improves your draw angle.

And as with all Desantis gun holsters, it’s made of exquisite saddle leather expertly stitched.

Desantis Mini Slide HolsterDesantis Mini Slide Holster

Sometimes less is more, and a fully enclosed holster may bee a little too much coverage. If you’re not in the habit of wearing a suit jacket, you might opt for an even skimpier holster, still not wanting to sacrifice quality.

This is where the Desantis Mini Slide holster comes in.

Similar to the Speed Scabbard, the Desantis Mini Slide holster cuts down on the amount of leather with an exposed muzzle design and less coverage, leaving you with the minimum
you need to hold the weapon in place.

Like the Speed Scabbard, the Mini Slide can also be had with a thumb break but that defeats the intended purpose of this holster “ light, quick, slim, and comfy. Less material doesn’t have to mean more printing “ the design of this holster still efficiently breaks up the pattern of the gun so you can still wear tighter fitting clothing.

The Desantis Mini Slide also features a fixed draw angle in lieu of the double belt loops of the Speed Scabbard in keeping with its minimalist approach.

Here are four good reasons you should consider either the Desantis Speed Scabbard holster or the Desantis Mini Slide holster as your holster of choice:

1. Comfort: Far and away the most important quality in a holster is how it feels on your body. Humans weren’t designed to carry several pounds of cold steel on their body. A gun is heavy, bulky, cold, and needs to be treated with respect. The holster that carries it needs to be held close enough to your body so that it doesn’t fall off or stick out too much, and it needs to be made of materials that won’t chafe or irritate.

2. Concealment: If you wanted to rock a duty holster, you’d have one. You want a discreet way of carrying your weapon that can withstand scrutiny and pass the ten foot test. The holster needs to be minimalist, with only what one needs to hold the gun and nothing more.

3. Access: You carry a gun for a reason “ so you can use it if you need to. Your gun does you no good in the car or at home in your safe, or even in a poorly designed holster that makes it impossible to reach or draw. Good access is a must, as is draw angle and ride height.

4. Craftsmanship: A holster worn daily is a fashion accessory. Just like a quality pair of shoes or a belt, a holster mustn’t be ugly, plain, or uninteresting since you’ll be wearing it most every day as a civilian or within your career as a security professional or law enforcement officer.

Either one of these fine DeSantis holsters is perfect for the working pro who wants the very best in hand tooled saddle leather, double-stitched and ready for years of use.


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