Top 3 Holsters for the H&K USP Compact

Blackhawk SERPA Holster USP Compact

Blackhawk SERPA Holster USP Compact

BlackHawk Serpa Holsters

The Serpa series has proven itself extremely popular with the people of the gun, and is a great holster choice for the USP compact. This includes police, everyday Joes, and the military. In fact the SERPA series is one of the most popular holsters with the United States Military. The Serpa series are built from a polymer material known as kydex. This material is not subject to the same weaknesses leather has like moisture, ripping, or shrinkage.

The Blackhawk Serpa USP Compact series uses an active retention device that must be defeated before the weapon can be drawn. The Serpa uses a push button device the button is placed where the trigger finger naturally falls when the shooter is drawing. This keeps the weapon from falling out, and keeps unauthorized users from trying to take your weapon in a scuffle.

The Serpa series is also incredibly modular. The holster can be mounted to a paddle, or belt loop style mount for outside the waistband carry. Additionally the weapon can be carried in a leg rig that the Serpa series can easily transfer to. Blackhawk also has a MOLLE mount to allow the user to mount the sidearm to any part of a plate carrier. Most recently announced is a Serpa shoulder rig.

USP Compact Galco Stow N Go Holster

USP Compact Galco Stow N Go Holster

Galco Stow N Go

An inside the waistband holster for the H&K USP Compact, the Galco Stow N Go system is simple and easy to use. Built entirely from premium saddle leather the Stow and Go is designed to be worn inside the waistband for the ultimate in concealment. The holster is somewhat minimalist in design and covers up to the trigger guard and stops right the hammer.

The Stow and Go uses a wide metal clip to hold the weapon secure. There is no active retention device, but the pressure from between the body and the pants is what keeps the weapon held secure. The Stow and go is soft leather which jumps the comfort factor up. The Stow and Go insure maximum concealment and immediate access to your weapon all day, and remains comfortable and secure.

USP Compact Galco 3 Slot Holster

USP Compact Galco 3 Slot Holster

Galco Cop 3 Slot Holster

The USP Compact Galco Cop 3 slot holster takes and combines the standard pancake style holster with multiple cant options and unbeatable style. The Cop 3 slot is held tight to the body due to the pancake design and keeps the weapon concealed with very little effort.

The Cop 3 slot has you guessed it three slots. The reason being the front has two slots is to adjust the cant. Some may prefer a straight up and down many prefer a forward cant to increase concealment and ease in drawing.

The Galco Cop 3 slot is entirely leather, and blackened with sheen to it. This style is rarely seen done so well, the Galco cop is an eye pleasing holster. This seems petty when compared to the performance of a holster, but let’s face it we all like something that looks good.The Galco Cop 3 slot looks great. The custom molding for each weapon is done extremely well, and the thumb strap is extremely easy to disengage when drawing.

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