5.11 Tactical

The name “5.11” comes from the highest rock climbing difficulty level. 5.11 Tactical is the first authentic tactical brand. Featuring innovative, top quality products that enhance speed, performance, and safety. 5.11 Tactical leads the industry on tactical gear, built on a firm foundation of quality and best value. 5.11 Tactical offers great gear built for purpose, even in the most demanding situations. 5.11 Tactical is trusted by all law enforcement, and other professionals alike. Gun Holsters Unlimited carries a full line of 5.11 Tactical gear, including 5.11 clothing, tactical vests, 5.11 TacTec plate carriers, 5.11 backpacks, and other tactical gear. We also carry 5.11 boots and gloves, as well as 5.11 Magazine Pouches. 5.11 Tactical is an industry leader that delivers functional and innovative gear. 5.11 Tactical has become one of the most trusted names in the industry of public safety. Gun Holsters Unlimited offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99 or more! Same day shipping on orders before 4pm EST.