Brite-Strike was created by two police officers to offer top grade tactical flashlights with features police officers need. Brite-Strike flashlights provide amazingly powerful white light, in an easy to carry size. It can be used to distract an attacker anywhere, anytime. Brite-Strike uses the best components and newest technology. Brite-Strike uses the latest LED technology that older lighting technology just can’t match up against. Brite-Strike LED lights were designed to exceed standards for easy operation. Brite-Strike lights only require the use of one hand. Brite-Strike lights mimic daylight, with no spots nor excess heat. Gun Holsters Unlimited carries a line of Brite-Strike tactical illumination adhesive lights. Brite-Strike flashlights technology creates a longer run time and more lumens, resulting in brighter light. Gun Holsters Unlimited offers FREE SHIPPING on all orders $99 or more! Same day shipping on orders before 4pm EST.